This Scientifically Proven Planning System

Was Specifically Created

For Entrepreneurs

It Locks Onto Goals Like A Heat-Seeking Missile...

Hits Targets With Precision Accuracy...

Creates Instant Momentum

And Brings Clarity To Each Day!

Plus: Discover The Weird Morning Breakfast Habit That Helps Facebook’s Founder Make Billions

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From the desk of:

Alex Charfen

Inc. 5000 Entrepreneur


Dear Entrepreneur,

Momentum is the CRUCIAL missing ingredient.

Once you start activating the right habits...

The right systems, processes, and routines…

Momentum Ignites

That’s when a company can finally take off:

This isn’t theory or hyperbole.

Momentum is the key.

It sparks the chain reaction.

It’s every entrepreneur’s best friend.

Trust me.

I’ve seen the magic of Momentum over and over…

  • It’s how I turned the tables around after going bankrupt in 2007.

  • It’s how our clients have experienced “hockey stick” growth during one of the harshest economies in memory.

  •  It’s how they hit record high revenues.

  • And it’s why some have even caught the attention of the international press because of their breathtaking growth.

These are remarkable entrepreneurial success stories.

And I’ll share many of them with you today.

For now, just know that Momentum has been the “secret ingredient” behind their success.

Billionaires, self-made entrepreneurs, and the ultra-rich ALSO swear by Momentum.

Yet, you’ll probably never hear them talking about it.

Not because it’s a conspiracy.

But because it’s a message that falls on deaf ears.

(I’ll explain why very soon.)

For now, just remember -- and this is critically important:

Entrepreneurs Need Momentum The Way Most People Need Air

Here’s why:

The average person working a regular 9-5 job only has to improve in small increments over time.

Let’s say they make $30,000 per year…

They only need to make a few tiny improvements to justify a better job that makes them
$40,000 per year.

But an entrepreneur is MUCH different.

You aren’t just looking for a 5 or 10k pay raise.

If you’re just getting started…

  • You’re dreaming of the day you hit SIX FIGURES.

If you’re already making $100,000…

  • You’re thinking about the day when you hit $500,000 or $1,000,000.

If you’re making 7 figures…

  • You’re probably thinking about the day you hit 8 or 9 figures.

In other words…

You’ve Got a VAST Amount of Growing to Do.

And the only way to grow fast enough will be to get Momentum.

You need continually accelerating results.

That’s how businesses like Apple, Microsoft and Facebook started off small…

And snowballed into the juggernauts that they are today.

Many people succeed with incremental growth...

And an average person can certainly settle for marginal improvements.

But YOU can’t.

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You Need To Slam Your Foot
On The Gas!

That’s what being an entrepreneur is like.

The distance between an ordinary life, and an extraordinary one, is vast.

So if you want to make the leap…

WITHOUT falling to your death…

… You’ve got to have as much Momentum behind you as possible!

And with enough Momentum, eventually, you hit a point I like to call…

"Escape Velocity"

That’s when you’re not working so hard anymore.

You aren’t carrying your business on your back.

Your team is self-sufficient.

They know where the company is headed, and they’re out ahead of you, paving the way.

Instead of dragging their feet and twiddling their thumbs.

They continually hit targets with precision accuracy.

The cash register keeps ringing whether you show up to work or not.

You’re not so stressed out and overwhelmed…

There’s infrastructure in the business that can support you.

You’re not worried about money anymore.

You discover a higher purpose in life.

i.e. --> Life isn’t just about hustling anymore.

This is a crucial point that every entrepreneur must get to.

Because this is true FREEDOM.

And isn’t that the whole point of getting into business in the first place?

With that in mind, I wanted to help you “see the view from the top of the mountain.”

Because life truly gets better once you get enough Momentum.

Without Momentum, I could never have
pulled myself out of bankruptcy…

I would have never built multiple 7 and 8 figure businesses…

I could never have gone on to hit the Inc. 5000 list of Fastest Growing Companies THREE times just a few years later…

We couldn’t have helped other entrepreneurs become 2 Comma Club winners.

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Peng Joon

Edward Tang

Marley Jaxx

We couldn’t have helped several companies hit the Inc. 5000 list, just like we did.

I mention all of these success stories because this is extremely important.

We could never have helped so many entrepreneurs create this much impact.

At the core of this track record, is a RUTHLESS dedication to developing

First, let me explain how I discovered this new approach, and WHY Momentum is so

Every 8, 9, & 10-figure Entrepreneur I’ve Ever
Met Keeps Telling Me The Same Thing…

In my life, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some wildly successful individuals.

People who run billion-dollar companies.

Whenever I’m around somebody who’s wildly successful... I interrogate them a little bit.

I ask a bunch of questions.

And one of the questions I always ask is…

“What advice would you have for someone like me?”

Here’s what’s interesting:

I’ve gotten a similar answer dozens of times.

The answer’s almost always something like…

"Your Personal Habits"

I remember the first time somebody said it.

I wanted something more magical -- something more exciting and groundbreaking.

Personal habits were so BORING.

But then I heard it over and over and over again from billionaires and other wildly successful people.

A great many of these people were completely self made.

So I can vouch for them when I say that these folks really knew what it was like to start from the bottom.

Yet they'd always repeat little mantras like…

  • “Set your day up for success.”

  • “Make sure you have a morning routine.”

  • “Achieve every single day.”

  • “Performance is a daily imperative.”

I started hearing this type of advice so often, I went on a mission to
totally transform my personal habits.

But WHICH habits should I change?

I can already hear you asking the question.

Because it isn’t good enough to just improve ANY  habit.

There’s an infinite number of habits to focus on.

And I certainly don’t want to make your life difficult by saying, “Improve everything.”

So let me just give you the gist, so we don’t get too side-tracked.

After years of research and trial and error, I discovered that there’s one specific habit which you need to incorporate into your life on a daily basis.

Here’s how it works:

When you think about it, at the most basic level, an entrepreneur is a person who:

  1. Looks into the future…

  2. Casts a vision for the future they want…

  3. Then they come back to the present and figure out how to CREATE that future.


We create the future.

Yet, the challenge remains…

How do we make the future match our vision for it?

Here’s the short answer:

You need clarity.

This is non-negotiable.

The more you can clear the fog in your business, the easier it will be to make the right decisions.

And continually making smart decisions delivers compound interest over time.

So if you can create a regular habit around getting clarity in your business… You’ll have a powerful advantage.

This is a fundamental shift you need to make so you can finally “grease the wheels”…

So you can finally start getting Momentum.

Entrepreneurs need this now, more than ever.

The effects of the COVID 19 pandemic has left many entrepreneurs in acute financial distress!

Many of us have had to shut our doors indefinitely, with no way to cover our ongoing costs.

More than HALF of small businesses are expected to go under when it’s all said and done.

And I want a better outcome than that.

And I know you do, too.

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That’s Why I’ve Put Together A Special Momentum Toolkit Specifically
For Entrepreneurs.

We’re making this offer as affordable as humanly possible.

All so you can get help at a reasonable price.

Here’s what’s inside:

Item #1: The Momentum Planner™

(Retail Value $29)


The Momentum Planner™ is a planning system that’s designed specifically for entrepreneurs.

The five weekly planning sections and thirty-two pages of daily productivity are vetted by one of the top neuroscientists in the world.

And they will help you create tons of Momentum on a monthly basis.

Let me give you a quick introduction to it.

And show how it differs from 99% of other planners.

Over my lifetime, I’ve used almost every popular planner and planning system you can imagine.

From Tony Robbins’ RPM System… to the Day-Timer System… to the Franklin Day Planning System.

You name it!

Yet, each one of them fell short -- or failed in some critical way.

Each had constraints.

Each slowed me down.

Each held me back.

And more often than not, they were too complicated to use.

As a result, I rarely kept using them for long.

But there’s a much bigger reason why I went through the trouble of creating my own planner.

Here’s The Real Problem I Have With Most Planners:

  • They didn’t clarify my intention for me as an entrepreneur.

In other words, what was the big picture?

Where was my North Star?

Where was I supposed to be heading?

With other planners, I wasn’t focusing on the big picture.

Instead, it was like I was shuffling chairs around on the Titanic!

I was taking one futile action after another…

In the face of impending catastrophe.

And even on those rare occasions when I ALREADY knew what my North Star should be.

I had NO IDEA what my top priority was supposed to be that day.

I was unsure about the first step.

Which direction was I supposed to take?

And how would I know that I was actually getting there?


Most planners came with another glaring weakness…

  • They didn’t help me offload when I was uncomfortable.

In fact, what they helped me do was work discomfort into my day...

And get accustomed to it.

I’d get into a loop -- doing the same things over and over again.

I became much like a hamster on a wheel.

I’d run on my little wheel furiously. And I’d get little doses of dopamine, which made me feel rewarded for a job well done.

But maybe there was a better way.

Did I need to be working so hard in the first place?

And was I taking the most optimal approach?

You may not know this…

But at the end of work day, John D. Rockefeller would sit by the fireside and review each and every meeting or decision he made that day.

Whenever he identified a mistake or a weakness, he would course-correct immediately.

This was a habit Rockefeller practiced for decades.

I believe this was one of the cornerstone habits which helped him become the richest man in the world.

And I wanted a planner that would help me course-correct in this same way.

I needed answers…

Because with the ability to clarify my intention…

And the ability to offload the uncomfortable…

I knew I could unlock never-seen-before reserves of Momentum.

So, 15 Years Ago, I Started Researching and Planning

After years of frustration and disappointment, I came to a conclusion.

There wasn’t a system in existence that could meet the needs of a serious entrepreneur.

I needed a system that could:

  • Steer me toward my North Star

I wanted to know with 100% conviction that my daily efforts were leading me toward my
long term vision.

  • Create weekly improvement

I wanted to build enough Momentum to make the leap from an ordinary life to an
extraordinary one.

  • Offload the uncomfortable

I wanted to cut the dead weight from my life, and eliminate friction.

And most importantly…

I Wanted To Tap Into My Brain’s
Reticular Activating System

Here’s why:

There’s too much information in the environment for anyone to process all at once.

That’s why the brain has a built-in mechanism that filters perception.

It chooses what we’ll notice and what we won’t.

This is your Reticular Activating System.

Reticular Activation works just like a heat-seeking missile.

It locks onto your target.

Your brain knows what to look for, and it works tirelessly at finding it.

If you’ve ever bought a car, you probably started noticing that same make and model of your car everywhere.

You felt like everyone else was suddenly driving YOUR car.

The truth is…

Nothing really changed. You just became aware of your car out on the roads.

In other words…

I wanted a planner that made me aware of what was propelling me forward…

What was creating Momentum in my life…

So that I could attract more of it.

Because every time you hit your desired target, the Reticular Activating System gives your brain a cookie.

You get a powerful chemical cocktail of hormones like dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin.

These drugs are powerful.

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By Tapping Into Your Reticular Activating System, You Become Obsessed With
Heading In The Right Direction.

Talk about adding fuel to the fire!

As you achieve your goals, day by day, week by week, you’re also creating a powerful
chemical need.

You’re (quite literally) becoming compelled to succeed.

This mechanism creates massive Momentum for entrepreneurs.

At one point, five or six years ago, I worked with Dr. Robert Cooper.

He’s one of the foremost neuroscientists in the world.

He serves as CEO of a consulting firm that analyzes peak performance from a database
of more than one million professionals.

He’s also a New York Times Bestselling author, with over 4 million books sold.

Dr. Cooper really knows his stuff.

Especially when it comes to the brain, productivity, and peak performance.

Together, we spent an entire year fine-tuning this system SPECIFICALLY for entrepreneurs…

So that we would become OBSESSED with achievement and productivity.

Quite frankly, we’re floored by the final product.



Other Planners Are “Calendar Centric”

When you look at most planners, you open them up, and there’s a calendar on every page.

Let’s get real, these days, hardly anyone uses a paper calendar.

Everyone uses a calendar on their phone or computer.

So we took the calendar out of The Momentum Planner.

Making it a planning and achievement system, not a time management system.

Other Planners Are “To-Do List Centric”

If you look at other planners out there, they're basically fancy To-Do lists.

I have this joke about To-Do lists.

They’re really To-Die lists.

So often, there are items on your to-do list for so long…

They’ll probably stay there until you DIE.

You just keep pushing it to the next day, over and over again.

This is why The Momentum Planner doesn’t focus on To-Do lists.

In fact, this system focuses on clarifying your intention…

And offloading where you’re uncomfortable.

As I already explained, this is the KEY to achieving at the highest level.

Other Planners Waste Space

If you’ve ever used the Franklin Day Planner, you’ll see boxes for expenses and car mileage.

But I don’t know anyone who uses those boxes.

And here’s the issue that I had with that:

If I’m using a planner with useless boxes on it, I have to actively ignore them, so I don’t get frustrated.

And I realized over time that actively ignoring any part of a planner that I purchased was silly.

The problem was I couldn’t find a system that was 100% usable. I couldn’t find a system that didn’t try to do too many things.

Nobody needs to track expenses or mileage in a day planner, especially these days.

So there are no wasted areas in The Momentum Planner™, you will use all of it.

Other Planning Systems Put You In A Hamster Wheel

And here’s what I mean by that:

We want to make sure that we aren’t running in a hamster wheel, when there’s an easier option available.

That’s just a waste of time and energy.

And that’s what so many other planners do. They keep you busy, but you aren’t necessarily working wisely.

The Momentum Planner™ has a built-in feature to help you offload the uncomfortable.

I often share with people…

“If you don’t identify and offload where you are uncomfortable, you are tolerating too much.”

I guarantee you are tolerating too much if you don’t have that system in your life.

You’ll eliminate any obstacle which is slowing you down…

Other Planners Focus On The Day-To-Day

The Momentum Planner™ is all about the big picture.

Every single day, you start with what is your intention for the day.

What is your North Star?

This way, you aren’t shuffling chairs atop the deck of the Titanic.

Instead, you’re executing your most important tasks based on a long term perspective.

The planning system contains six sections that you use on a daily basis.

So you’ll plan your day for about 12 minutes in the morning.

Then you’ll close your day for about 5 minutes at the end of the day.

That’s it!

Just Two Entries Per Day To Create
MASSIVE Momentum

Every single week, you’ll identify new ways to optimize your life…

Become more efficient…

And get more clarity…

You can expect to see weekly gains for 52 consecutive weeks.

By tapping into your Reticular Activating System, you will reinforce your action with a positive obsession.

I know that these sound like huge claims for a planning system. But we’ve now had hundreds, probably thousands of people use this system.

We’ve had entrepreneurs come back and say that this planner has helped them stop negative habits…

Install positive ones…

Get rid of obstacles in their lives.

Others have been able to hit seven-figures in their business for the first time.

Or, take a seven-figure business to eight figures.

But again. That’s just the beginning.

There’s MORE…

Prices Increase VERY SOON - Get Yours Now!

“Don't Accept Your Destiny... Define It!”

Item #1:

[VIDEO TRAINING] Personal Momentum for Entrepreneurs

(Retail Value $599)

This video training is going to help you remove the biggest choke-hold on your Momentum…

It’ll also help you get a bird’s eye view of the BIGGEST OPPORTUNITY in your life.

I know these sound like bold claims –– and they ARE…

So let’s go over this in detail.

I hope you’re with me…

Because you’ll soon see exactly why this is the critical MISSING PIECE to getting Momentum in life.

This training is worth EVERY penny of it’s regular retail value of $599, and soon you’ll see WHY.

Let me put it this way:

Some cars are expensive.

Some boats are expensive.

Some houses… they’re also expensive.

Yet some people agree to pay the price.

That’s because they’re getting a FAIR value in exchange for their cash.

Yet, sometimes there are things in life which SEEM cheap…


Easy to tolerate.

Easy to turn a blind eye to...

However, if you look a bit more closely, you find out that you’re paying a king’s ransom in the long term.

For example…

Your Smartphone...

When most people sign up for a new phone, they think they’ve just paid for a $300 phone.

But they’re actually agreeing to pay for $3,000 worth of service.

Voice and data plans alone can exceed $100 per month.

And that’s BEFORE adding accessories, insurance, and downloads.

Plus, you’re typically locked into a 2-year contract.

Costs can easily exceed $3,000 over this period.

Or Your Car...

In addition to your car’s sticker price, you need to continuously shell out more money.

There’s depreciation, fuel costs, and interest charges.

When you do the math, you’re looking at about $5,300 per year for the first 5 years of ownership.

And that’s not just my opinion…

This is according to Consumer Reports.

A consumer think tank that’s been around since 1936.

And the craziest part is…

That $5,300 “secret cost” is for the CHEAPEST car.

A Honda Fit.

Luxury SUVs can cost $13,000 per year or more.

If only you knew the TRUE cost

You might stop choosing to pay for some of these things.

At least RE-THINK some of your purchases.

Yet, we face a similar problem.

When we look inside of our brain at some of our thought patterns…

There are some thought patterns that slow us down.

They SEEM harmless.

But in reality…

They put a choke-hold on your Momentum.

These thought patterns are costing you BIG TIME.

And more often than not…

Prices Increase VERY SOON - Get Yours Now!

There’s ONE Personal Struggle That’s Slowing You Down More Than Any Other

I call this your Foundational Issue.

And I get that this might not seem like it’s that big of a deal to you right now…

But hang in there.

Because it’s costing you big time.

It’s distracting you.

It’s draining you.

It’s preventing you from pushing forward.

And here’s the worst part of all…

It’s Hijacking Your Reticular
Activating System!

Remember what I said earlier?

The Reticular Activating System is just like a heat-seeking missile.

It continually finds more optimal ways of hitting its target.

So, when you’re fixated on your Foundational Issue…

You’re preventing yourself from using Reticular Activation for a constructive purpose.

Instead of seeking out the outcomes you want in life…

You’re wasting vast amounts of energy.

Now this Foundational Issue works differently for everyone.

So if you’re not tossing and turning at night over your Foundational Issue, that doesn’t mean you don’t have one.

It just means you don’t know what yours is.

But most people have a Foundational Issue.

This is a hidden problem which drains us of our energy, and keeps us performing at a fraction of our capability.

If you could resolve this Foundational Issue, it would be like pouring Drano down a bathtub…

And watching the gunk that’s clogging up your drains melt away, so your drains finally flow like a river.

So much faster and smoother.

This is also why identifying your Foundational Issue is your biggest untapped opportunity.

Because when you can’t resolve your Foundational Issue, you’re signing up to a life of constant friction.

Your Foundational Issue is occupying valuable mental real estate rent FREE.

You’re wasting precious energy.

Your head isn’t in the game.

You’re chasing after something else.

And the worst part is…

All of this wasted energy could have been used to achieve your goals instead!

Now What Kinds Of Foundational
Do People Normally Have?

Some people are deeply unsatisfied with their relationship status.

I had a client who suffered a sudden loss in his family.

For some people, body fat is the big issue.

If your teenager was having challenges, that would certainly do the trick.

Crippling debt is also a very common Foundational Issue.

Like I said, it’s different for everyone.

And Yet 99% Of People Have At Least
One Foundational Issue

If you’re wondering what your Foundational Issue is…

You know you’re on the right track if you find yourself hesitant to even look at the problem.

That’s when you know you’ve struck gold.

The next sign is that there is a void in your life.

If you feel a sense of longing, that’s probably a sign that you’re on the right track.

So this problem creates a dark spot which you can’t see.

Because you don’t want to look there.

But in the absence of your awareness, a pretty big monster can grow.

You wake up to discover that it’s constantly draining you of energy.

Withholding the clarity you need to charge full speed ahead toward your goals.

From creating the life you want.

The worst part is:

Your Foundational Issue is hijacking your Reticular Activating System…

And keeping you focused on the wrong outcome.

You’re focusing on what you DON’T want.

But as entrepreneurs, we need to have our full attention focused on what we DO want.

(If we ever hope to have a chance at ever getting it.)

This Is For You If You Feel Stuck.

Or if you feel like there’s too much friction in your life.

Like no matter what you do, Momentum never comes.

When you identify your Foundational Issue, your view of the world changes.

Because the biggest issues we have in our lives provide us with the biggest opportunity to move forward.

They’re the easiest way to clear constraints and create Momentum.

Because Foundational Issues are kind of like useless parasites that are draining you of vital energy.

You don’t need to go out and develop a new skill or do anything.

You simply need to identify the root cause of what’s holding you back.

And by the way, this isn’t something we “guessed at” and hoped would work.

I’ve seen this proven in high pressure situations over and over again.

It’s Time To Ask Hard Questions About
What's Really Going On In Your Life

So you can figure out what this Foundational Issue is really costing you.

Each step in this bonus is meant to create a new point of clarity.

A new vantage point.

Once your eyes have been opened, the old way seems obviously flawed.

You understand why you made the old mistakes before.

And why you won’t make them again.

So again, you gain traction toward your goals.

You’re moving full speed ahead.

Because you’re not wasting valuable real estate in your brain.

Once you understand what’s really going on, you automatically begin to turn your life around 180 degrees.

It’s kind of like this…

Imagine you’re walking home at night along a dirt path, and you think you see a snake on the path in front of you.

At first you feel terrified.

But when you look back, you discover it was actually just a stick.

Your mind played a trick on you. But now that you know the truth, you’re no longer afraid of the snake.

When you identify your Foundational Issue, the spell it has over you gets broken.

And once your Foundational Issues have been resolved, you can plug your goals into your Reticular Activating System instead.

That’s why you need to get your hands on this RIGHT NOW.

Prices Increase VERY SOON - Get Yours Now!

“When we move forward faster, we
start knocking down our goals and
objectives. We begin creating the
outcomes we want in the world
and increase our Momentum.”

Item #3:

[VIDEO TRAINING] Momentum Based
Forward Planning

(Retail Value $699)


This training captures one of my most
critically important lessons.

If I were to trim the fat, and point to the single most effective “secret” to get insane Momentum… This is it.

So what’s the big secret?

It’s how to predict the future.

I’m not kidding…

At this point, I know hundreds of entrepreneurs who put their entire vision on a piece of paper.

The “Napkin Business Plan” is a stereotype about entrepreneurs that just happens to be truer than most people think.

See – one of our most important tasks is to create a vision.

Then we have to figure out how to make that vision come true.

But fair warning:

This is much harder than it sounds.

That’s why it’s so important for us to have a system that makes predicting the future easy.

Most entrepreneurs can barely get past the day-to-day hustle.

Life’s all about putting out fires.

You get a big adrenaline rush when there’s an emergency…

But all of your hustle isn’t necessarily paying off.

How do you know if your company is headed in the right direction?

Are you on track to meet your objectives this year?

How about this quarter?

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you might not necessarily have smart answers to some of those questions.

And this is a big problem.

Because if you don’t know what your destination is, how will you ever know if you get there?

This Is What I Call, Failure Based Planning.

This is when you don’t have the correct perspective to see your business accurately.

So you make one dumb decision after another.

You waste resources on pet projects that were doomed to fail.

You hire consultants who charge an arm and a leg to tell you what you already know: which is that your business isn’t getting where you want it to go.

You’re also busy drowning in one emergency after another.

And that’s probably by design.

Because it’s much easier to be constantly busy than it is to stop and really think about your business’s future…

But Life Doesn’t Have To Be This Way…

Because everything will change after I teach you the concept of Momentum Based Planning.

Momentum Based Forward Planning gives you insane clarity about your future.

And it PULLS you forward.

When you have clarity about your direction, this automatically creates a gravitational pull toward your goals.

On top of that, you get into alignment with yourself.

And this is perhaps the single most important leverage point when it comes to creating Momentum.

Being an entrepreneur can sometimes feel like you’re getting pulled in a thousand different directions all at once.

You’re disorganized. Confused. Incoherent.

You don't know where you’re going.

But when you understand how to look at your life through the correct “lenses”...

Your perspective shifts from putting out fires everyday…

To sowing seeds today that will lead to a beautiful harvest tomorrow.

Most goals don’t tell you how to achieve them.

But that’s how Momentum Based Forward Planning is different.

It creates a direct path toward your vision of the future.

The value of this training is $699.

Judging by our phenomenal success stories, I’m sure you can see why we believe that price is worth every single penny.

Because “Momentum Based Forward Planning” teaches one of our most closely guarded secrets.

Prices Increase VERY SOON - Get Yours Now!

Item #3: Quarterly Momentum Calls

(Retail Value $999)

Let’s be real…

There’s only so much you can learn from packaged information.

Sure… We put insane amounts of time, effort, and energy into our training materials.

Many of my best concepts have taken DECADES of experience for me to identify and develop.

But at the end of the day, there’s just no replacing the experience of a mentor.

Because when a good mentor brings their years of wisdom and experience to the table, your challenges become easier to identify and less daunting to overcome.

They’ve been around the block before. They can see all the pitfalls that you don’t even know are right around the corner.

And I understand that as you go through each quarter, you'll have new challenges that come up.

That will be the major obstacle for you to overcome that quarter.

And if you had just a little extra support, you could make little tweaks that could lead to enormous breakthroughs.

That’s why I’m going to give you a Q&A session at the start of every quarter with me on Zoom.

We’ll get together and I’ll personally coach you and answer your questions.

I don’t do much one-on-one coaching anymore. Because I’d prefer to make the biggest possible impact with the largest number of people.

But I’ve charged as much as $50,000 just for a day of coaching.

So I have no problem saying that the value you can get from these quarterly Zoom
sessions is easily worth $999.

Prices Increase VERY SOON - Get Yours Now!

So To Recap

Special Limited Time Offer:

Don't Delay...

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Special Limited Time Offer:

The Momentum Planner

(Reg. Value $29)


Personal Momentum for Entrepreneurs

(Reg. Value $599)


Momentum Based Forward Planning

(Reg. Value $699)

Total Value:


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